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Calculator for PLER, PLEASE tests and VariScreen algorithm to rule out esophageal varices needing treatment

version 5

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This page provides calculators either to diagnose varices needing treatment (VNT), i.e. their probability, or tests to rule out VNT, i.e. when the missed VNT rate is ≤ 5% among VNT(1).

These tests are applicable for chronic viral, non-alcoholic fatty liver, or alcoholic liver disease whatever the liver severity. PLEASE and VariScreen are also applicable whatever the liver severity(2). Preferably, the delay between platelets and liver stiffness measurement by VCTE (Fibroscan) should be <= 3 months and obligatorily it must be no more than 6 months. The test result is valid for 6 months. PLER uses only platelets and liver stiffness. PLEASE uses platelets, liver stiffness, INR, sex and etiology (and additionally age for score), which provides more accuracy. The VariScreen algorithm (version for an individual patient) can spare biomarkers especially the additional variables of the PLEASE test, while providing equal accuracy and improved safety compared to PLEASE. VariScreen is furthermore more pertinent to clinical practice.

 Choose your calculation: 

Score to diagnose VNT risk
      PLEASE score calculator  This calculation also provides the PLEASE test to spare endoscopy.
Tests to spare endoscopy
      VariScreen algorithm calculator  (recommended for clinical practice)
      PLER-PLEASE test calculator  (ancillary option)


Calculator created by Gilles Hunault.
Author responsible for this content: Pr. Paul CALÈS, Angers University (France).

Version date: April 27, 2020.


(1) Cales P, Buisson F, Ravaioli F, et al. How to clarify the Baveno VI criteria for ruling out varices needing treatment by non-invasive tests. Liver Int 2019;39:49-53.

(2) to be completed.



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